Sometimes you just gotta get out of dodge! Get away and see a little more of the place you call home. For us this was a 2 day getaway to Lost Lake. Only about 30 minutes from the homestead, Lost Lake is a little gem. No cell service and few people, at least in early June. After getting there early we set up camp and decided to hike up Lost Lake Butte. Not a bad hike, beautiful weather and stellar views. Still no sign of Big Foot, but with a breeze off the lake, the pups playing in the water and a good book it was still a great time. Thank goodness I thought to bring extra blankets. The temp dropped and rain started during the night which made for a cold, speedy exit in the morning. We found a great little Mexican place to warm up on the way home and all was right with the world again. I feel like I need more of these adventures…even if its just for a day or two. 


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