Trails seem to be everywhere near where we live. I lied when I said there was nowhere to take your dogs in this city. No, it’s not the mountains, but at least there are options.

Today we took a hike up a Table Mountain in Golden, CO. It was a nice hike, but it was the kind that reminds you how out of shape you are. Message received. Once getting up the steep incline, you are met with a large plateau. The snow is pretty sparce and I was glad I wore layers. Walking to the edge of one of the plateau’s is a bit nearve racking. I’m not usually afraid of heights, but With the wind blowing…The view of Denver and the town below that makes me glad I made my way to the top. It is so windy that across the valley you can see hang gliders going higher and higher. This is definitely a spot I’d climb to again.



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