Sky Dive Colorado

I’d been thinking of what to get Travis for his 30th for quite a while. What do you get the guy who pretty much has everything? After my hot springs, hut getaway, I thought I’d better up my game, so I thought of something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the guts to – skydiving. After presenting it to him on the big day, we set a date for the weekend July 25.

When the day arrived it we were both stoked. He’d never been, but always wanted to go as well, so there was a lot of anticipation. We got up early and drove just outside Canyon City, where the actual jump occurred. It’s just southwest of Colorado Springs, so the drive was easy and views pretty epic.

After finding Royal Gorge Skydive we pretty much jumped right into the pre-game lesson and skydiving 101. It all seemed to go so fast that before you knew it we were going up, up, up in a tiny little airplane that felt like it might break apart at any moment. After circling our way to the appropriate altitude (3k ft?). It was time and I was first – go time. I didn’t have any anxiety or worry until i was literally on the edge of the plane, waiting to free fall. There was no countdown, it was just a moment of panic and then thinking, or maybe even screaming, “hoooooooly shit”.

The fall itself only seemed to last a half second. The views were amazing and I can’t even express the rush you feel as you fall through the air. After my co-pilot pulled the shoot we circled down and I could see Travis as he fell out of the plane. Parts of floating around with the shoot open reminded me of windsurfing. Slowly we came to a gliding halt and it was over. We dismounted harnesses and  were sent on our marry way.

What a ride. It blew our minds and I instantly knew that Travis was hooked. I wonder how long it will be before he takes that journey again.


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