One of the biggest concerns with the move to Denver has been our dogs. Living out west they became accustom to wide open spaces, running free and jumping in the river – often. Here in the ‘big city’ that is not so much the case.

On this outing we took a little trip to the Boulder area. The drive wasn’t too long and the hike was great. In early November the weather is just starting to chill. Today, the sun was just warm enough to bring us outside. It doesn’t seem like everyone is up for these kind of hikes, as the trails are empty and the wind has started to howl. We stopped on top of a pile of boulders for lunch and take in the view. The talk of the probability of a mountain lion attack comes up, but I doubt it will happen…but what if?!

On the walk back we find a large elk antler that will make a nice chew toy for the pups. For a sunny, but chilly Colorado day in November, it sure is beautiful. Glad to be back and glad that these trails are just beyond our front door.



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