With two large dogs running around the house, the thought of adding another member is always a big question mark. Over the last few months the talk of cat has been brought up multiple times. As a joke, as a solution to our mouse problem, and out of curiosity.

Randomly around new years I started to take the question a little more seriously. I checked out local shelters and had more at home conversations. The green light was finally given and because I can’t say no to a cute little critter, we are now the owner(s) of a crazy little feline we’ve dubbed Yari Gato.

Brown dog and Sloan monster are definitely aware that something has invaded their space. Sloan doesn’t want to leave the poor little lady alone and Kenai does his best to stay as far aways as possible. Typical of their personalities.

The kitten has been uber entertaining and I can’t wait for her to get more comfortable and for her personality to come into full swing. Time will tell, but all signs point to less mice and more laughs in the future. Happy New Year!


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