Mt Yale

Camping weekend in Buena Vista and it was time for another journey. After a night camping along the river, the boys in the crew set off for a 30+ mile mountain bike trip, while da ladies set off to hike Mt. Yale.

Hiking a 14er is always a special challenge. After my first, I must admit I wasn’t jonesing for then next. You have to start at the crack of dawn and from there its an up-hill battle. This journey was all ladies, a few pups, and a first timer, which is always interesting. Some journeyed ahead, while a few others stayed back to bring up the rear. I was part of the later. Slow and steady is never a bad motto and with some people unprepared for the hike I figured, why not? One foot in front of the other. Go big or go home.

For as apprehensive as I was, I must say, it was easier than the first, but a battle all the same. The weather was fairly good, but pretty cold at the top. The first part of the crew summited around noon and by the time we made it to the saddle I figured I might as well push it. Never disappointing. The clouds started moving in just as it was time to journey down.

On the journey down it started to sprinkle, which soon turned to rain. You always think the trailhead is closer than it is and it’s so nice to make it to the car. The whole journey in general is always an eye opening experience. Afterword you either can’t feel your feet or your lower body is throbbing. Either way, it never hurts to hit the local watering hole. Deer hammer is the cure for most things in Buena Vista; this journey was no exception.


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