Heading up toward Mt. Hood there are many places to check out. You’ve got random trails off the road, rivers and camp sites about every 5 miles. Having not been up to the actual mountain, I decided that today would be the day. A little day adventure with the pups in tow – get in the car and go. We ended up right at the base of the mountain where there were a few trails.Umbrella Falls was our destination. It was a quick walk and beautiful waterfall. I think it has been my favorite so far. Not the tallest I’ve seen, but very unique. We checked the map and found that there was another nearby…why not hit that one?!?! I don’t think I’ve encountered that many bugs on a trail in my entire life – woof! With SO many bugs it seemed strange that there were no birds around. Couldn’t even hear them chirping. We followed the water along for quite a while and finally came to the sign for Sahalie Falls. Down a very steep embankment, we climbed down to what was another awesome falls. Travis said that this was his personal fav so far and it was hard to disagree. After letting the pups swim around for a while it was time to turn back and brave the bugs again. Another good day in the Gorge.


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