My parents have come out to Colorado quite a few times, all of which have been winter trips, but after living in Colorado for almost 8 years, the rents finally decided to visit during the summer. Woop woop! I’d been telling them that they’d been missing out. Now they’d finally see what all the fuss was about.

With it being so hot in Denver as of late, we decided to try our luck in the mountains and Buena Vista seemed to fit the bill. Hiking, water activities, lakes, rivers and the small town feel. Plus, with all of the friends we have there, it really can’t be beat.

The rest of the weekend can be summed up as action packed. We ate well at a variety of restaurants, watched kayakers, hiked to Ptarmigan Lake, camped, went white water rafting AND got to spend some quality time with the rents.

They were surprised with how hot and dry it was and marveled at the lack of bugs, classic Colorado. Hopefully they got a good enough impression that they’ll be temped to come back again. Fingers crossed. Time will tell.



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