Newborn Ezra Girard Karpeh

My sisters and I are all around the same age. I’m the oldest,  Abby is just about a year younger, and Laura 3 years. We’re a close knit crew and after Abby’s engagement last year, we found out that our family was about to grow still a bit more. Abby was pregnant – Auntie patrol, here I come!

It’s been exciting prepping for and chatting about the baby these past 9 months. It’s all new to us. She’s the first to have a bub, and since they didn’t find out the sex, it’s been a mystery. Many bets have been made. I traveled home in July for a baby shower complete with invitations, games and cake topper by yours truly. Who knew babies needed so much stuff?!

D-day, or rather Bday, finally happened at 8:00 am on September 13, 2017, when 10 lb. 11 oz. (woof) baby Ezra arrived. Congrats to my sister and Archie. Excited to see you grow as parents and spoil Ezra rotten. When are you having another?


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