Denver is a big city. Not as big as some, but much bigger than I’ve lived in in the last 6 years. After living here just a few weeks my parents came in from Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was awesome to see them and spend some quality time. I always miss my family, but it seems like I miss them even more when their faces are so fresh in my mind. We did a lot while they were here: frisbee golf, visit to Red Rocks and even bowling/dinner for my birthday – it was great. Tons of fun and full of laughs. We aren’t really quite settled in, but at least the parental units got to see the pups, spend some time with myself and the man and see the new homestead. I have to get these two out her in the summer. Winter has just started and summer is already on the brain…never good. Camping out here with them would/will be a hoot!


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