grays peak

Having not yet reached the top of a 14er this season, a few ladies and myself decided it was high time to give it another go. We set off just as the sun was rising to hit the dusty trail and get our hike on. It was explained to me to be an “easy” 14er. The trail was fairly busy, as it is one of the closest to Denver, and finding a parking spot at the trailhead seemed to be half the battle.

Once on the trail we quickly realized that perhaps we wouldn’t make it to the top. Clouds were moving in and you could see signs of snow at the top of a few of the peaks. There were hardly any trees, so coverage from the wind was minimal. As we started nearing the snowpack, our doubts became more apparent. People with winter boots and hiking poles were turning around – always a good sign. A light snow started flying, but by that point we’d already decided to summit. Go big, or go home. It was go time.

We made it to the top just as some major clouds came in. We took a few snapshots and the decent began. We agreed that there was no sense in waiting around for the weather to get worse. Though the journey down was usually much faster, that was not the case this time. The snow, ice, and rain made it much more of a challenge.

Overall the hike was good. I wouldn’t say it was too much of a challenge and we could have more thank likely summited Torreys as well if it hadn’t been for the weather. In hindsight I would have brought yak tracks or, at the very least, poles. If I try to get another major hike in before the snow REALLY starts to dump, those items will definitely be on the list.


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