Seriously, the amount of trails and waterfalls that are JUST off the highway ( in Washington OR Oregon) are insane. Thank goodness for the book Curious Gorge! We have found an infinite number of trails to blaze on our days off. Today we decided to hit up a few that seemed a bit on the easy side, Dog Creek Falls & Spirit Falls. The first, Dog Creek, was just off the high way and a fun little picnic spot. The dogs had fun running a muck while Travis scaled the side of the falls to see what was up top.

Next we hit Spirit Falls. A little off the beaten path, this falls was pretty much epic. Down a steep incline, which if you don’t know where your going (which we didn’t) you may go a little off course (which we did). All worth it once you get down to the quite,shady area above the falls. I will definitely head back to this little gem in the future. In my top 3 without a doubt. After the hike straight up and out of the falls area we had some lunch on the beach and went back to Lyle, America. Another great day in the Gorge.


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