Jackson Hole 2017

Jackson Hole was everything I’d hoped for and then some. It had dumped a few days before we’d arrived and unfortunately, snow was not in the forecast. There was, however, a lot of sun and below zero temperatures. So with that, our posse of three took the road.

It’s always good to get outta dodge and after arriving in town and checking into the hostel, we met up with one of Ciara’s old friends from across the pond, Peter. We had a few drinks and then got some shut eye so that we’d be ready to roll out to the slopes in the morning.

I think we were all pretty jazzed to ride Jackson. With our ski passes we received 40% (a special they were running through the month of January), so it was a win-win either way. Jackson is suck a steeper mountain than anything I’d ridden in the last few years. It really made me feel like I needed to get out more. The views were epic and I can’t say that we rode the same run twice. There’s so much terrain, it’s easy to roam the mountain without feeling like you’d done the same run 50 times.

We had some excellent food both in town and the mountain. Topping the list were the nachos at The Handle Bar in the Four Seasons, pretty much anything you ordered at the Snake River Grill and the chicken and waffles at Cafe Genevieve. All SO amazing and I can’t speak their praises enough.

On the last day of checking out town we decided to do a scenic tour. Hitting up the tetons and jackson lake. It was pretty freezing out, but we made the best of it. The sun was out and the scene was amazing. I definitely will be back some day to go on a few hikes and see some outdoor sights. It was absolutely beautiful.

All in all, the trip was everything that I’d hoped for and more. It was relaxing, stress free, and I had great company. Jackson Hole, I will see you again – Soon!


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