A few girls from work said that they’d never hiked a 14’er so, naturally, I said we definitely should – and they agreed. Half of the crew having done the deed before, we set off at about 4am to out past Georgetown, where the trailhead is. I’d heard that Bierstadt is one of the easier hikes and compared to the other two I’d done, it was indeed fairly easy. It’s always an undertaking, but you forget just how far and how many vertical feet these things really are.

The crew seemed to make their way at a good pace. I brought the pups along, so they definitely provided some comic relief, which is always appreciated. The trail was packed with people, as sign that winter was just around the corner. I felt like we kept passing the same people, but we weren’t in a hurry, the weather was great and spirits were high. This particular trail started at about treeline, which was to our benefit. It was pretty windy, which added another element (literally) to the hike and by the time we reached the summit everyone was pretty tuckered. Some, more happy than others.

The trek down was a long one. I swear, you never realize how long you hike up until you have to hike back down. You just keep going and going and going and then, finally, you get to the end. Hallelujah! Everyone was happy to be to the end and all can now say they’ve hiked a 14’er.


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