Moving is never easy. There’s saying goodbye to everyone that you know and love, leaving your job(s) and then packing EVERYTHING you own into a large box on wheels. What’s not to love?! The only thing that really keeps me motivated is the journey ahead, which this time we are headed back to the Rockies and to the friends that have become our CO family. Oregon/Washington was a blast, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It’s so beautiful and epic – I’d never seen so many shades of green in my life. It’s no wonder so many people talk about this landscape and are often in awe. It’s tempting to think of living in or around Hood River. If it were just a bit bigger we might have given it more of a try. You never know, maybe in the future, but when the mountains call, you can’t help but answer. And so we go, back to Colorado.



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